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The Body Universe

Interaction Design

This study delves into three works including sound design, gesture interaction and VR experience. The integration of interactive technology within art therapy for young people, with the overarching objective of boosting their health consciousness and encouraging healthier lifestyle habits. Recognizing that trillions of cells within our bodies depend on us for survival, we propose that fostering a deep reverence for these cells can lead individuals to prioritize self-care. 

A pilot study was carried out to gauge the impact of this integrative approach on health awareness, revealing that participants' health consciousness was heightened through immersive engagement in the process. 


Cross Wuhan

​Game Design

During the Spring Festival of 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was found in Wuhan. At this dangerous moment, a group of heroes rushed to the front line to fight the virus and save many people.Therefore, I made this game to record their heroic actions.

Players need to travel back to 2020, go through four levels: Future Technology Laboratory, Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Ten Thousands Banquet and South Seafood Market, and finally arrive at the vaccine diffusion base to kill the virus and save the world. Players can brush out props in the toolbox to assist through the maze. There are NPCs who give the player hints of hidden tasks corresponding to the game level, which enriches the playability of the game.


Maglev Pram

​Product Design

Design point 1: Shockproof

  I designed a suspended stroller using magnetic levitation technology and the principle that the same polarities repel each other. I also added a Hall sensor to adjust the magnetic field to achieve the stability of the stroller.

Design point 2: Anti-theft

    Through the gravity sensing device, the baby's state in the car can be reflected in real-time. If the baby was in dangerous, the light belt on the stroller would turn red immediately and a whistle would be sounded.

Design point 3: Portable

    This stroller can use a camera to identify the owner and follow them automatically, so that the mother can free her hands when traveling. The stroller is also designed with a handle and a lifting belt, so the mother can easily lift it when encountering roadblocks.



Installation Art

    I based on my own experience to make this interactive installation. It is not only my monologue but also the inner monologue of countless anxious girls. I used cotton and reflective fabrics to create the soft "fat". When the audience walk into the space, they can see food with malicious expressions projected on the pile of "fat" speaking malicious words. "Injured food" is pasted on the wall, and the audience can see the malicious labels they have been put on by illuminating the food with purple lights. However, when the audience embraces the installation, the vicious food will disappear, and the gentle light inside the installation will light up and gradually heat up. The audience will feel warm when lying on the soft "fat", and it seems that the anxiety about the body will also disappear.


Glider M

Future Design

Glider M can help humans travel quickly on Mars. This special vehicle can seamlessly connect with the living space of humans, so that humans can immediately sit in the cockpit when they go out, preventing the harsh environment of Mars from being polluted when traveling. The metal shell of Glider M has a double-layer interface to protect passengers from radiation. At the same time, Glider M uses solar power to save energy and does not require repeated charging. The pilot can easily control the direction ball to drive the spacecraft, control the direction and flying height, so that Glider M can pass on any terrain on Mars. Comfortable seats and air-conditioning system provide passengers with a good travel experience.


Let's Be the Blind

Interactive Experience

      When traditional games have become extinct., people have established a game museum to commemorate these traditional games, and now we come to the "Touch the Blind Museum".

   The "Touch the Blind Museum" is equipped with six interactive installations with different tactile sensations, representing six playmates with different characteristics in people's childhood. Therefore, before entering the museum, the audience should draw an entry ticket and put on a blindfold. The entrance ticket has the characteristics of the partner that the audience needs to find.  At the same time, the visual materials projected in the pavilion are partly inspired by the Chinese literary work "Children's Interest".

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